Big Bob
Is Honored
Join Post 50
The American Legion, approved by an act of
congress, is a   social and armed forces. The organization
was founded in 1919 by veterans returning from Europe after
World War I,.. The group has nearly 3 million members in
over 14,000 Posts worldwide.

A Post is the basic unit of the American Legion and
usually represents a small geographic area such as a single
town or part of a county.

A Post is used for formal business such as meetings and  
a coordination point for community service projects.  A Post
member is distinguished by a navy blue garrison cap with
gold piping.

NY Legion Post 50 of Pelham, New York,
Westchester County
was established in  October 1923 ,  
dedicated to a single purpose: empowering veterans to lead
high-quality lives with respect and dignity.We accomplish this
by ensuring that veterans and their   families,  can access the
full range of benefits available

We are a small post, we do not even have a building, and yet
we support a Boy Scout Troop  (1), we have scholarships,
sponsor  Boys State, and promote Americanism . We
participate in several military ceremony. In short, we are a
little post with a big agenda.

Share a lifetime of your experience and skill helping

elderly and disabled Veterans in our community.

VETS Helping VETS promotes voluntarism, particularly for
veterans who need help.   If you are someone who wants to lend a
helping hand, this is for you.   

We are not talking about fixing a roof or adding an addition on a
house, but rather someone to help with some yard work, change a
few light bulbs or fix that door that won't close right.

Many elderly veterans in your area need a few minutes a week
and sometimes just a few moment of your time just to talk and see
that someone cares about them.

As we get this program off the ground, understand that we will
have a few rules applied and of course, volunteers will have to be

Chapter 16 will facilitate our efforts with taking applications from
volunteers, providing us with liability insurance and making sure
the seniors who request assistance truly need it.   Many seniors
are still able to live in their own homes and get by with just a little
help from us.

If this is something that you can lend a hand doing every once in
while, let us know.

Once they find that you are eligible to participate, you will be on
our list to help out.

Thanks  from one veteran to another !!
Bill Aguilar